Prairie Oaks Institute’s programming is focused in three areas:

  • Ecology & Sustainability
  • Retreat and Renewal
  • Education & Leadership Development

As these areas of focus intersect, the programs and resources of Prairie Oaks invite people to explore the inner and outer landscapes of their lives and to reconnect soul and role in order to live, work, and lead for the sake of the common good.

Upcoming Events

Be a part of Prairie Oaks!

Each month we’ll be hosting a work weekend. This are a great way to get more involved with the Prairie Oaks Institute and connect with our community. Whether its your first event with us or you are a familiar face, we would love to have you participate at a work weekend!

Join us for a few hours or the whole weekend. To stay updated on the specific dates and tasks follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

 “Coming Back to Life” is a rare opportunity to explore your own most profound questions of identity, purpose, and calling, and to renew your capacity to live, work, and lead from a place that’s truly “grounded” – in our sacred connection to the earth, in these still emerging “post-pandemic” times, and in your most authentic self. Spring is a time when seeds that have lain dormant through the long, cold, quiet of winter crack open and send forth the life they’ve held within them.  A time of now and not yet, of mud and muck and cleansing rains, of winter’s loosening grip and green shoots of possibility.  As we turn from both winter and (it seems) the pandemic into a new season, it’s time for a fresh look at what wants to emerge in both the inner and outer landscapes of our lives.

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