The Winter Warmer

Join us for an afternoon of hiking, show shoeing, or cross country skiing! Trek along the mile+ long trail through the prairie and take in the beautiful scenery. Need a warmup after your adventure? Enjoy some hot cider with an outdoor fire! The event will start at 2pm and go on until dark. This eventContinue reading “The Winter Warmer”

POI: Let’s meet the challenge

Unexpected wonders happen, not on schedule, or when you expect or want them to happen, but if you keep hanging around, they do happen. ~ Wendell Berry Oh, what a year. This is a time when there is so much at stake – and so much to inspire awe and gratitude. Prairie Oaks Institute, likeContinue reading “POI: Let’s meet the challenge”

President’s June message

Everything is connected June 2020 It’s becoming increasingly accepted these days that “everything is connected.” It’s now known that the roots of trees, for example, allow them to “talk” to one another, and to send nutrients to members of their community that have been attacked by pests or weakened by disease. This comes to mindContinue reading “President’s June message”

Prairie Restoration Project: Prep, planting, progressing

Work restoring native prairie grasses and plantings continues at Prairie Oaks Institute in Belle Plaine. The work has been done in collaboration with the Scott County Soil & Water Conservation District and the City of Belle Plaine. The work is consistent with the Prairie Oaks mission of conservation and sustainability, but it’s also in lineContinue reading “Prairie Restoration Project: Prep, planting, progressing”

50th anniversary of Earth Day: April 22

Earth Day, April 2020  – Reflections by Dr. Chris Johnson, Prairie Oaks Institute co-founder and president, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day & POI’s mission. Everyone loves a good story.  In fact, we ARE good stories; we are the stories of our lives.  Stories shape the way we view ourselves and howContinue reading “50th anniversary of Earth Day: April 22”

Miles for Monarchs at Prairie Oaks October 6th!

Prairie Oaks is excited to partner with the Monarch Joint Venture to host a Miles for Monarchs family fun walk event. We hope that you’ll join us for a fun Sunday afternoon (October 6th) from 2-4. Following the amazing migration journey monarchs make from Minnesota to Mexico, you’ll learn all about monarchs and get toContinue reading “Miles for Monarchs at Prairie Oaks October 6th!”

Our friends write…

Here at Prairie Oaks we are all about creating spaces for community, connection and reflection. We often stand in awe of the creative and life-affirming work of those who share their gifts with POI and the world. In these fractured and challenging times, we need that more than ever.  Nature’s Depth is a blog writtenContinue reading “Our friends write…”

Leading with Heart:  Courage & Resilience for Challenging Times, A Courage to Lead® / Daring Way Retreat

We live in challenging times, bewildering times of great change, uncertainty – and promise. The more frustrated, confused, or passionate we are about our lives and our work in the world, the more vital it is that we find time to renew our spirits. As the abundance of summer turns to the casting of autumnContinue reading “Leading with Heart:  Courage & Resilience for Challenging Times, A Courage to Lead® / Daring Way Retreat”

Among The Trees: Lessons for Life from A Bur Oak

Around me the trees stir in their leaves and call out, “Stay awhile.” The light flows from their branches. And they call again, “It’s simple,” they say, “and you, too, have come into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine.” ~ Mary Oliver, When I amContinue reading “Among The Trees: Lessons for Life from A Bur Oak”