Our friends write…

Here at Prairie Oaks we are all about creating spaces for community, connection and reflection. We often stand in awe of the creative and life-affirming work of those who share their gifts with POI and the world. In these fractured and challenging times, we need that more than ever. 

Nature’s Depth is a blog written by dear friend to Prairie Oaks, John Palka. He describes himself as a neuroscientist who loves plants and ponders big questions. 

His monthly blog is always of interest and we thought you would enjoy his Rumination on Autumn. Linger a bit and dive into the the rest of his Ruminations and Explorations while you are there. John sees the world with a nature lover’s heart and a scientist’s mind and we’re thankful he is a member of the POI family.

Leslie Pilgrim, founder and director of Neighborhood Greening believes that your own backyard is fine place to start thinking about environmental stewardship. Her organization is dedicated to community environmental education and stewardship – one neighbor and one neighborhood at a time.

Leslie is also the editor of The Butterfly Effect, a quarterly journal dedicated to highlighting and celebrating neighbors stepping up together to be better stewards of our natural world. You can subscribe on the site so you never miss an issue and also read featured articles, including this July post on “42 to Ways to Green Your Neighborhood!”

Thank you John and Leslie for sharing your love of the natural world in so many beautiful images, words and actions. 

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