Finishing Strong: What’s Next

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A retreat for mature individuals interested in intentionally directing the next stage of their life.

May 18-20, 2018

Prairie Oaks Institute

To register:

What’s next? Would you like to be intentional about your next steps? Whether it is leaving a lifetime career for retirement / re’fire’ment or transitioning to new ventures this workshop will guide you in thoughtfully creating a plan for directing this transition. Throughout the weekend we will use meditation, writing, sharing, movement and music to create a setting for mindfully crafting what’s next. Are there unrealized dreams that need voice or do you simply need an open canvas on which to paint next steps?  We will use life maps, visioning and time outdoors to examine who we were, who we are and what really matters as we move forward. Join Michele and Cindy to explore what is next in your life, ‘finishing strong’.

Cost: Participants pay for meals and lodging ($175 for the full weekend) and are asked to make a tax-deductible tuition contribution at the end of the weekend based on the value they received from the workshop, ability to pay, and interest in supporting Prairie Oaks Institute.  (Bring a checkbook or credit card.)

Times:  We will start at 7:00 pm Friday evening and finish by 1:00 pm on Sunday.


Michele Rusinko

Michele is a Professor of Dance at Gustavus Adolphus College.  She is also a breast cancer survivor, yoga teacher, writer and resiliency coach.  Michele has spent her entire career integrating the life of the mind with the wisdom of the body.  Navigating her cancer diagnosis gave her new skills which allowed her to feel empowered and joyful as she adapted to the changing landscape.  It is these skills, and this dance, she enjoys sharing with students of all ages and backgrounds.

 Michelle Rusinko pic

Cindy Johnson

Cindy is Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College. She is interested in the lessons the natural world can teach us about transitions.  Reconnecting with the natural world and cultivating connections with nature in the “next stage” of life is vital to a successful transition.  Lessons from the natural world will enrich our emerging understanding of our personal journey.  To live deeply within the natural world is to savor the breath within each of us that cycles among all living beings, rocks and clouds.




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