Work Day May 9th

It’s going to be beautiful weekend to get some much-needed spring cleaning, repair and yard work done out on the Prairie Oaks campus.

Most exciting – the Gustavus Habitat for Humanity group will be back to start assembling the hermitage building that was constructed last spring.

Volunteers welcome and much appreciated.  Noon to 4 pm on Saturday, May 9th.

Refreshing Prairie Oaks Institute to a New Spring – Washing Away Winter
Saturday, May 9 from Noon to 4
Rain Or Shine
Gather at Harvest House
The more the merrier, the more the fun, the quicker it’s done. See anything you’d like to help with?
1. Raking out gardens, clipping old stalks
2. Touch up painting: smoke house, farmhouse porch trim, inside trim
3. Wash windows in pairs
4. Put out the rain barrels
5. Uncover the AC
6. Indoor thorough cleaning – push a vacuum, push a dust cloth, wash a floor, wash a door
If you can, bring a rake, clippers, a bucket, cleaning materials.

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